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My Wedding

One thing I try to assure my brides of when I meet with them is, I too know the craziness of planning a wedding. You think, I've had this very thorough Pinterest board since I was 12, I got this. Nope, it all changes when it's the real deal. This is the day and you have to make it perfect! That is why after 5 years of designing flowers I thought I would step it up and do my OWN wedding flowers.

As a florist, this was such a hard task. I had the craziest time figuring out a color scheme. In the end, I decided that I didn't really want 2 colors to focus on, I wanted a whole pallet of colors! I am honestly so amazing that they came all together, I was so indecisive!

We had the amazing Kait Tate Photography do our Bridals and Wedding Photos and her wonderful husband do our Videography. We were sealed in the Payson, Utah Temple and had our ring ceremony and reception at The Startup Building in Provo. Our cake was delicious and beautifully baked by the Provo Bakery and our catering was done by the seriously phenomenal Michi's Catering (I wish she could live in my house and cook my food every day, it was SO good). And all the designing and floral work was done by yours truly!

Our day couldn't have been more perfect! It was honestly the best day ever!

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